How much do you know about plastic process? An introduction of common plastic treatment methods.


There are many ways to process plastics, and each method has advantages and disadvantages that are suitable for specific applications. Let’s take a look.

(1) Injection Molding.

Injection molding is injecting materials into a mould manufacturing parts. In this process, the plastic is placed into the hopper, and then heated injection. It is through the chamber with a screw push, softening into a fluid. At the end of the chamber, and forced cooling fluid through the plastic nozzle, the closed mold. When plastic cooling and solidification, semi-finished products out from the press.

(2) Plastic Extrusion.

Plastic extrusion is a mass manufacturing method. Where raw materials are melted to form continuous contours. The process of extrusion is usually used to manufacture such as films, continuous sheets, tubes and rods. Lida industry product uses this kind of method more. The plastic is placed into the hopper and fed into the heating chamber, at the end of which the material is pressed out. After the plastic leaves the mold, it is placed on a conveyor belt to cool. Air blowers are sometimes used during this process to help cool it down.

(3) Thermoforming.

Thermoforming is a method of processing thermoplastic sheets into various products. The sheet is clamped on the frame and heated to a softened state. Under the action of external force, the sheet is made close to the mold surface to obtain a shape similar to the mold surface. After cooling and shaping, it is finished by dressing.

(4) Compression Molding.

Compression molding is often used in thermosetting plastics processing. In this process, the material is squeezed into the desired shape. Plastic moulding powder and other materials are added to the mixture to produce special qualities. When the mold is closed and heated, the material hardens to form the desired shape. The temperature, pressure and length of time used in the process depend on the desired result.

The above is part of the introduction of plastic process. Stay tuned for more information.

Post time: Nov-29-2022