Pipe fittings

  • PVC pipe fitting

    PVC pipe fitting

    Production of various PVC pipe fittings, used for the connection of PVC pipe.
    Color: grey
    Sizes: Φ20mm~Φ710mm

  • HDPE pipe fitting

    HDPE pipe fitting

    HDPE pipe fittings, also called polyethylene pipe fittings or poly fittings, are used for the connection of HDPE piping systems.
    Regularly, the HDPE pipe fittings are available in most common configurations of couplers, tees, reducers, elbows, stub flanges & saddles, etc.
    The HDPE pipe fittings, which are made by excellent quality material, are the ideal choice for the connection of the HDPE pipe.

  • PVC-O pipe

    PVC-O pipe

    PVC-O, Chinese name of biaxial oriented PVC, is the latest evolution of PVC pipe form.  It is made of pipes by special orientation processing technology. The PVC-U pipe produced by extrusion method is axial and radial stretching, so that the PVC long chain molecules in the pipe are arranged in biaxial order, and a new type of PVC pipe with high strength, high toughness, high impact resistance and fatigue resistance is obtained.