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Production project of complete set of sulphuric acid absorption equipment of Sichuan Huili Magnesium and Nickel Company    PP Sheet

Kunming platinum rhodium quenching project    PVC Sheet

General contracting project of cobalt oxide engineering of Beijing general research institute of mining and metallurgy           PP Sheet

Copper-cobalt expansion project of jiangsu kailik cobalt industry   PP Sheet

Medium color Congo (Kinshasa) Dizwa copper-cobalt mine project   PVC Pipe

Xintian County Safe Drinking Water Project   PVC Pipe

Yongji city high standard farmland construction project  PVC Pipe

High standard farmland construction project in Tanyi Town of Fei County   HDPE Pipe

Jiexiu Hongshan Irrigation District Water Saving Transformation Project  PVC & HDPE Pipe

Pipe Project of Nanhai New District Water Company in Weihai City, Shandong Province  HDPE Pipe

The engineering case04
The engineering case01
The engineering case03

Angola Lubango cable trench cover project PVC Sheet

Manufacturing of FRP electrode groove for Samsung copper electrolysis project PVC sheet

Korean cosmochemistry copper-cobalt project PP Sheet
Congo green sand copper-cobalt project PVC Sheet

Copper and cobalt recovery project of polymetal in Taihe Iron Mine of Chongsteel Group PVC sheet
Guangxi Guilin Xiangyun Manganese Industry electrolytic manganese project  PP Sheet
Xinshao Chenzhou Antimony Industry Electrolytic Equipment Manufacturing Project  PVC Sheet

Xichang Taihe Iron Mine, complete set of slag hopper matching mixing slurry tank production project   PP Sheet
Sichuan chonggang electrode project plastic equipment manufacturing project  PVC Sheet