PP rigid sheet(glossy surface)

  • PP rigid sheet(glossy surface)

    PP rigid sheet(glossy surface)

    Thickness range: 2mm~40mm
    Width: 2mm~20mm: 1000mm~2400mm
    25mm~40mm: 1000mm~1500mm
    Length: Any length.
    And we offer a full service cut to size PP rigid Sheet, please feel free to let us know your required sizes.
    Surface: glossy.
    Standard Colors: Natural, grey (RAL7032), black, light blue, yellow and any other colors according to customers’ requirements.

    Product introduction:

    PP sheet also known as polypropylene (PP) sheet (PP pure sheet, modified PP sheet, reinforced PP sheet, PP electrode), is a kind of semi-crystalline material.

    It is harder than PE and has a higher melting point. Because the homopolymer type PP temperature is higher than 0℃above the very brittle, so many commercial PP materials are added 1~4% ethylene random copolymer or higher ratio of ethylene content clamp copolymer.