CPVC sheet

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Length: Any length
Colors: Dark grey, light grey
Normal Sizes: 1000mmx2000mm, 1220mmx2440mm, 1300mmx2000mm

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Raw material properties

Name of raw materials: chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (English Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride), also known as a vinyl chloride. Chlorinated resin is a new type of engineering plastic. After chlorination of PVC resin, the irregularity of molecular bonds, the polarity, the solubility of the resin, and the chemical stability increases, thus improving the material’s heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali, salt, oxidizer corrosion. The mechanical properties of the numerical thermal deformation temperature were improved, the chlorine content was increased from 56.7% to 63-69%, and the Vicat softening temperature was increased from 72-82 ℃, increased to 90-125 ℃.Therefore, CPVC is a new type of engineering plastic with broad application prospects.

Production process and capacity

CPVC plate is chlorinated polyvinyl chloride as raw materials, ratio of raw materials through the first weighing measurement into the mixing system, the first step is hot mixed and stirred to reach a certain temperature then go to cold mixed stirring, after mixing goes to the feeding system, then from the hosts plasticizing into the mold, screw extrusion molding after the three-roll inferior smooth, then enter the auxiliaries, according to the order sizes cutting the final sheet.


We have 20 PVC Sheet production lines with annual production of 30000tons, and 3 CPVC sheet production lines with annual production of 3000tons.


High Vicat softening temperature;
Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance;
Excellent thermo-stability performance;
Easily to fabricate, weld or machine;
High rigidity and superior strength;
Reliable electrical insulation;
Low flammability, self-extinguishing.


CPVC sheet mainly used in the chemical industry for chlorine electrolysis, electroplating, paper industry, semiconductors industry and clean-room technology, such as Lab equipments, Etching equipments, Semiconductor processing equipments, chemical storing tanks, oil tanks, storing tanks for brewing water, acid or alkali production towers, acid or alkali washing towers and so on.

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