How much do you know about plastic process?

How much do you know about plastic process? An introduction of common plastic treatment methods.

The last article introduced four processing methods of plastics, and today we will continue to introduce them. Please follow me and read along.

(5) Blow Molding.

Blow molding is a molding method for making hollow plastic products. It uses air pressure to blow the blank closed in the mold cavity into a hollow product.

(6) Calendering.

Calendering is the final step in heavy leather finishing. It makes use of the plasticity of the fiber under the condition of mixing heat to roll the surface of the fabric flat or to roll out parallel fine oblique lines to enhance the luster of the fabric. After the material is fed, it is heated and melted, and then formed into sheets or membranes, which are cooled and rolled up. The most common calendering material is polyvinyl chloride.

(7) Pultrusion.

Under the action of three-way uneven compressive stress, the blank is extruded from the hole or gap of the mold to reduce the cross-sectional area and increase the length, and become the processing method of required products called extrusion. The processing of billet is called pultrusion.

(8) Vacuum Forming.

Vacuum forming is often called blister. The main principle is that the flat plastic sheet is heated and softened, then absorbed by vacuum on the surface of the mold, and formed after cooling. It is widely used in plastic packaging lighting, advertising decoration and other industries.

(9) Rotational Molding.

Roll molding is also known as rotary casting. The plastic material is added to the mold, which is then heated by rotating it on two vertical axes. In this way, the plastic material in the mold gradually and uniformly adheres to the whole surface of the mold cavity under the action of gravity and heat energy. Then, molding for the required shape, and then after cooling finalize the demoulding, finally obtain products.

The above is the whole content of plastic processing technology, please continue to pay attention.

Post time: Dec-17-2021