An Introduction of HDPE Pipe


HDPE pipe is polyethylene pipe, is a common home decoration material. It is used more in the family, so we are choosing, should be more careful, grasp the characteristics of the product.

What are the advantages of PE pipe?

1. Corrosion resistance. It is very resistant to corrosion, and the chemicals in the soil layer cannot dissolve the pipe, nor can it rust or decay. 2. Long service life. Life is one of the criteria for considering the specifications of basic raw materials. Typically,PE tubes have a useful life of more than 50 years. 3. Light weight. PE tubes are lightweight and easy to transport and install, which undoubtedly saves a lot of labor costs.

What PE pipe products are there in life?

Lida plastic industry has a kind of PE cold water pipe. Its inner plastic with nano-level antibacterial masterbatch, with antibacterial health and self-cleaning effect, can promote the water in the pipe can flow freely without scaling, effectively prevent secondary pollution of domestic water. But it must be noted that PE pipe only withstands water temperature within 40, so it cannot be used as hot water pipe.

Lida plastic industry also produces PE gas pipe, its density has the size of the points. Under normal circumstances, the density of the PE pipe is strong, and has the necessary temperature and cold resistance, chemical properties are very stable, so that it can ensure the safety of gas transportation from the root. In addition, polyethylene with high density is non-toxic and odorless, not easy to cause environmental pollution to gas, and will not harm the safety of users.

Lida double wall corrugated pipe is a kind of pipe with smooth inner wall, trapezoidal corrugated outer wall and hollow layer sandwiched between inner and outer walls. The pipe ring has high rigidity, high strength and sound insulation and shock absorption function. At the same time, its engineering cost is lower than steel pipe saving 30%-50%, engineering maintenance cost is relatively low, suitable for the geological poor sections, is the ideal replacement of traditional drainage pipe.

Above is the detailed introduction of HDPE pipe, please continue to pay attention.

Post time: Dec-29-2021