HDPE welding rod

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Sizes: 2.0mm~4.0mm
Length: 2000mm or other length.
Shape: single round, double round, triangle.
Standard Colors: Natural, White, Black, Blue and any other colours according to customers’ requirements.

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The polyethylene plastic welding rod is made from high grade polyethylene and color masterbatch through heating, plasticizing and extrusion process. It is used with plastic extrusion welding machine to bond the components of same polyethylene material together.

Main production equipment :
(1) extruder  (2) electrode cutting machine

Products feature


1.Abrasive resistance which always have in thermoelectricity polymer.
2.Best shock resistance even in low temperature.
3.Low frictional factor, and well sliding bearing material
4.Lubricity( no caking, in adhesion)
5.Best chemical corrosion resistance and stress craze resistance
6.Excellent machinery process ability
7.Lowest water absorption
8.Paragon electric insulativity and antistatic behavior
9.Nice high energy radioactive resistance

Production Process

Kneading is carried out in an ordinary Z-type kneader or a high-speed kneader. When using 45mm extruder, the screw speed is controlled in 15~24r/min. The temperature
of the first section of the extruder is generally 160~170 ° C, the temperature of the
second section is 170~180 ° C, and the head temperature is between 170~ 90 ° C.
Cooling is carried out in the cooling water tank, usually divided into two stages of
cooling, the first stage is cooled by hot water spray, the water temperature is 40~60℃, the second stage is cooled by cold water. The welding rod is cut at room temperature after cooling.
Certificate of HDPE welding rod:

Packing: in length or in rolls by plastic bag.


Our company has our own laboratory, we will test the raw materials and finished products of HDPE welding rod , and prohibit the outflow of unqualified products.


Plastic welding rod is mainly used with plastic extrusion welding machine to weld the HDPE/LDPE geomembrane or other polyethylene sheets/plates, containers, pipelines and tanks etc.

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