HDPE reinforced spiral corrugated pipe with steel belt

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Standard: CJ/T225—2006
Loop Stiffness: SN8, SN12.5, SN16
Specification: DN500mm-DN2200mm

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Reinforced PE Spiral Corrugated Pipe with Steel Belt is a PE and steel belt melt winding wall pipe that using foreign advanced technology of metal plastic composite pipe, the standard is CJ/T225-2006. The pipe wall consists of three layers, high-strength spiral and circumvolutory steel belt as the reinforcement, high density polyethylene as the matrix and unique manufacturing process makes the steel belt with high density polyethylene to mix together, so it has both the flexibility of plastic tube and the rigidity metal pipe, suitable for large Municipal Projects.


■ Solid wall adhesive
■ High rigidity, strong external pressure resistance
■ Excellent abrasion resistance, high water circulation
■Convenient for construction, diverse connection types, secure and reliable connection.


1.Municipal projects: buried drainage and sewage pipe;
2.Road system: seepage and drainage pipes of railways and highways;
3.Industry: Sewage pipes widely used in industrial fields;
4.Construction system: building rainwater pipes, underground drainage pipes, sewage pipes, ventilation pipes, etc., landfill sewage collection pipes;
5.Large port and dock projects: drainage pipes and sewage pipes for seawater pipelines, large airports, ports and docks;
6.Sports venues: seepage pipes for sports venues such as golf courses and football fields;
7.Water conservancy projects: the use of water source pipes, irrigation pipes and water and drainage of hydro power stations;
8.Mine: mine ventilation, air supply, drainage, mud pipe; communication tube: railway, highway communication, communication cable, cable protection tube;
9.Water storage system: a water storage system that traps slow water flow.

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